/  Clubs

The American Center hosts many regular clubs for visitors of different ages and interests, which develop skills in English language, critical thinking, public speaking, business and entrepreneurship, science and technology, arts and many other areas. See below for information on a sample of the clubs we offer and join now!


English Conversation Club

Members engage in lively discussions on all kinds of topics – from space to the importance of friendship. If you want to practice your English, meet interesting people and have an exciting conversation – this is the perfect club for you. Open to all ages and levels. 


Storytelling Club

A weekly club to learn tips on how to tell stories that will captivate audiences and hearts. Open to all ages and levels.

Slow Reading Club

Do you enjoy reading poetry? Studying the beautiful nuances of the English language? Then join our Slow Reading Club, which meets weekly and aims to help practice reading more effectively in English. In our fast-paced world where we are quickly skimming through news, texts and books, we often don’t spend time reading them fully. In these meetings we use poems and short stories to focus on logical and creative thinking.

TED-Ed Club

A weekly club for those who are 13 to 18 years old and want to grow their curiosity, discover new ideas and passions, and combine them to be able to share them in the form of short TED-style talks.

Literature Club

A monthly club on Saturday mornings to discuss contemporary fiction and non-fiction written by American authors. Led by U.S. Embassy personnel and is a great way to practice your English and meet other book lovers like yourself!

Debates Club

A biweekly club devoted to the discussion and debate of today’s greatest societal issues and their potential solutions. A great way to acquire public speaking skills, debate challenging topics, practice critical thinking and public speaking.

Open Music Night

Do you love to play music with your friends? Need a fun and free space to do so? Then join our monthly Open Music Night, where the American Center will offer its space, microphones, electronic piano and sound system to all musicians and singers to play in great company once a month on Fridays. Bring your favorite instrument, sing your favorite song, strum out your favorite tune – and get great feedback from your audience! Open to all ages and levels.

5 O’Clock Tea

A monthly meeting, usually the last Friday of the month, with EducationUSA Advisers and U.S. Embassy officers to share their experiences studying in the U.S. Topics cover campus life, exams, academic life, how to choose a major and many others. If you are interested in studying at a U.S. university or college, then this meeting is for you!

Children’s Programs

One Saturday a month we hold a club for children 5-12 years old to learn about American culture, practice their English and meet new friends. Children will participate in hands-on activities, sing songs, read books and many other activities in teams.

During the summer, the American Center also offers a bi-weekly Kids Fun Hour for children as well as individual summer camps.