The American Center hosts many regular clubs for visitors of different ages and interests, which develop skills in English language, critical thinking, public speaking, business and entrepreneurship, science and technology, arts and many other areas. See below for information on a sample of the clubs we offer and join now!

Conversation Club

Members engage in lively discussions on all kinds of topics – from space to the importance of friendship. If you want to practice your English, meet interesting people and have an exciting conversation – this is the perfect club for you.

Literature Club

Join our monthly literature club to discuss famous books by American authors with native speakers. Our club is also a great way to practice your English and a chance to meet interesting people who share your love for books.

5 O’clock Tea

Regular meetings with U.S. Embassy officers in an unofficial friendly atmosphere. It’s a great chance to find out about the diplomats’ life and work in the USA.

Children’s Club

Monthly meetings for children of 7-12 years old, where they learn English in an entertaining way. Children play games, explore the world around them through interesting quests, study English, sing songs, watch cartoons and learn to work as a team.