/  eBook Library Guide

Welcome to the American Center’s eBook Library where you can borrow hundreds of popular titles and read them on your own device. You’ll find award-winning fiction for all ages, English-language learning resources, books on innovation and entrepreneurship, U.S. elections, civil society, and much more.

Here is a quick tutorial on how to start reading American Center eBooks on the go. Below the video are more detailed step-by-step instructions.

Step 1 – Download the free OverDrive app

Download the OverDrive app appropriate for your device from the App Store.

Step 2 – Create a free OverDrive account to use the app

You will need to create a free account with OverDrive in order to use the app on your device. Once you create this account and log in, you will be able to access the American Center’s eBook Library free of charge.

Open the OverDrive app and follow the prompts to create an OverDrive account. You can sign in using your Facebook account or create a new account. You will need to verify your email address before you can log into the app and start reading eBooks.

Step 3 – Find the American Center’s eBook Library

To get started, in the OverDrive app, swipe from left to right to open the Home menu.

Then, tap Add a library to search for the American Center’s eBook Library. Type “American Center Moscow” and tap “Search.” Tap “American Center Moscow” to start browsing.

Step 4 – Borrow an eBook or Audio Book

Sign into the American Center’s eBook Library with your email address to borrow a title.

You can tap the search icon to search for a title or author.

You can tap the drop-down menu icon to view our featured collections, such as English Language Learning.

A book is available to borrow if the book icon looks like this. Tap the “Borrow” button. If you are not signed in with your American Center eBook Library account, the app will prompt you to sign in in order to borrow the eBook.

Once you are signed in and have tapped “Borrow,” you will see the “Checkouts” page. Scroll down to see the eBook title you would like borrow and tap “Download.” Check “EPUB eBook” and tap “Confirm & add to app.”

Swipe from left to right to open the Home Menu and tap “Bookshelf.” Your borrowed eBooks will be available to you here. Tap on your eBook to begin reading. Swipe from right to left to advance pages.

Step 5 – Placing a hold on an eBook

When browsing, if you see a book icon that is grayed out, the book is currently unavailable, but you can place a hold on it.

Tap on “Place a Hold” on the title you would like to borrow. You will be prompted for your email address in order to place a hold.

You will receive a confirmation that your hold has been placed. You can check out all of the eBooks you have on hold by visiting your Checkouts page.

Write to us at if you have any questions about our eBook Library.