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We invite everyone interested in programming and neural networks to join a series of free 4 weekly workshops “Python Programming Intensive. Train your own Neural Network” that will introduce you to the world of deep learning and artificial neural networks with Python! The workshops will take place every Wednesday at 5:00-6:00 PM MSK between June 16 and July 7. Book your place now!

What will it be about?
The purpose of this series of workshops is to give a glance at contemporary tools and methods used in machine learning. We’ll dive into programming on Python and the theory of deep learning. At the end of the course we’ll train a neural net that solves an actual scientific problem. 

Who is it for?
These workshops are designed for students and adults who have basic programming skills in any programming language and basic knowledge in high school mathematics (derivative, matrix multiplication). Recommended minimal level of English is B1 with knowledge of technical vocabulary.

Workshop #1: Introduction to Deep Learning on June 16  at 5:00-6:00 PM MSK

  1. How to learn deep learning
  2. What we can achieve using deep learning
  3. Real-world examples of neural networks application
  4. What skills are needed to learn neural networks
  5. Must-have resources and courses to use
  6. Intro to Python

Workshop #2: Python Crash Course on June 23  at 5:00-6:00 PM MSK

  1. Basics of the programming language Python
  2. Basic concepts: variables, functions, classes, work with files
  3. Training data and how to work with training data

Workshop #3: Deep Learning Basics on June 30 at 5:00-6:00 PM MSK

  1. How NN are trained. Loss function
  2. What’s gradient and how it’s used in gradient descent
  3. Backpropagation, forward and backward pass of the network
  4. Types of deep learning layers and losses

Workshop #4: Train Live Cell Segmentation Model on July 7 at 5:00-6:00 PM MSK

  1. What is Object Segmentation task
  2. What types of neural networks are used in different detection and segmentation tasks
  3. Train our Live Cell Segmentation Model to mask out cells on scientific photos

Workshops are facilitated by AMC volunteer Emil BogomolovEmil is a research engineer of the ADASE research group at Skoltech and a graduate of the Department of System Analysis of Moscow State University and the MailRu Technosphere. He’s an enthusiast in the field of machine learning and computer vision, a contributor to open source frameworks, and a multiple winner of data analysis hackathons. 


This session is hosted on Zoom, so if you are interested in joining, please create a Zoom account beforehand. When registering below, please submit your valid email address to receive a link to the class Zoom meeting 30 minutes before the session begins.

To join other AMC Online programs, please check the American Center’s website and TimePad calendars.

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Photo by Alina Grubnyak on Unsplash


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