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AMC Makeathon 2019 Projects

AMC Makeathon 2019 Winners' Projects


AMC Makeathon 2019 Projects

In March the American Center in Moscow hosted the annual Makeathon 2019. We managed to assemble many IT-specialists, non-governmental organizations, social entrepreneurs and project teams so that they could join forces and participate in creating a service or an application to meet social needs. Twelve social project teams took part in this competition, including teams not only from Moscow, but from various Russian cities including Saint Petersburg, Nizhny Novgorod, and Kazan, among others. The commission of experts selected the three best projects, and the chosen teams shared the prize fund of $4,000 to launch their applications.

Project Results

Now, after three months of hard work, the winners of the Makeathon 2019 are ready to present their results. Although each project has a space for further growth and improvement, we believe that these applications will change this world to the better!

Winners of AMC Makeathon 2019

Belaya Trost

2ed Place

This team is developing a service which enables people with visionary disabilities to access audio versions of newspapers and magazines using a smartphone and a cell number.


1st Place

This team is developing a geolocation service for mutual assistance, which enables its users to publish requests for assistance, or to answer nearby requests. By so doing, the application will both help people and allow people to do good deeds.

The Captain or Grants

3ed Place

A convenient site which would provide all its users with information about the possibility of obtaining grants through nonprofit organizations.

Results of the Work


This service is aimed at transforming our society into a cooperation community and providing every person with support during difficult times. “Goody – our help is right here!” As a result of The Goody Team’s work, a mobile application for mutual assistance was created for Android. At the moment The Goody Team is improving the current version of the application, and will soon create an updated version that will include stable notifications of tags and geolocation. In the foreseeable future, the team is planning to use modern sophisticated technology and make the application available for iOS.

Belaya Trost

The ability to work not only with Russian, but with many other languages such as Bashkir and Tatar, makes this project unique and special.

This service is already functioning at the following number +7 927 630 39 19. Although the available functions are not yet complex, the team is actively adding news podcasts and teaching the service to recognize all the possible voice commands. In the near future, the team is planning to launch internet-radio and podcasts with the main news editions on its website. If there are people with some visionary disabilities in your friend circle, you should definitely tell them about this wonderful resource.

The Captain or Grants

The site was created together with IT team, and it is now being filled with the up-to-date information and is functioning on a temporary hosting. Soon it will be replaced by an official domain. The team is also planning to add an educational component to the site and provide assistance to anyone who wishes to apply for grants.

Belaya Trost (The White Walking Stick’s) review

Hello everyone! This was the first time our team, composed of two people, had taken part in such a competition. I must admit that the first experience wasn’t that bad at all! I will tell you about this event from my viewpoint as a social entrepreneur.

Our idea was considered to be sort of the MVP, we made first audience polls and collected first users’ feedback. Since then, we have developed our strategy from the technological point of view, due to the fact that initially some parts of our project were not thoroughly elaborated and had been created thanks to some free-of-charge resources. During the first meeting we set our goals for the Makeathon and chose relevant mentors.


Unfortunately, since the Makeathon, our team has not added any additional members. But thanks to our teamwork, we managed to create a contactless control after just two days of work! Needless to say, it was a complete surprise to all of us. Furthermore, we launched two new variants of the product as a test model. It was a very cool event which helped us develop our project. During the teamwork time at night, we reflected upon many issues from a different perspective. Additionally, Makeathon mentors helped us a lot, and they were highly-qualified. It would have been difficult to find such consultants in our city. This is a very good start. I advise you to maintain this project and to promote it. Social entrepreneurs and project initiators should definitely participate in future Makeathons.

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