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The American Center hosts many regular clubs for visitors of different ages and interests, including: English language learning, critical thinking, public speaking, business and entrepreneurship, science and technology, arts and many more. Below are some of our current club.

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English Conversation Club

Members engage in lively discussions on all kinds of topics – from space to the importance of friendship. If you want to practice your English, meet interesting people and have an exciting conversation – this is the perfect club for you. Open to all ages and levels.

Arduino Self-Study Class

We invite everyone interested in STEAM in general and robotics and engineering in particular to our news self-study class on Arduino. Come and practice how to program this open-source robotics platform with easy-to-use soft- and hardware that allows creating astonishing projects from an alarm system to robot-cleaner and many others!

Debate Club

A biweekly club devoted to the discussion and debate of today’s societal issues and potential solutions. A great way to develop public speaking skills, practice.

Dance Club

If music, rhythm, and movement have always been your dream or either something you were never able to live without, we are glad to meet you at our Dance Club. Regardless of your previous experience or its lack, your age, and physical condition, we will try our best to teach you dance as well as the joy of being in the moment with the music and the people around you.

American Dramedy Club

American Center is pleased to announce a series of amateur workshops devoted to a creative process of staging a theatrical play on the spot. During the workshop participants will read a modern short American play, discuss its setting, content, characters. Then volunteer actors will try to play it on an improvised stage. In the end everybody is encouraged to share their impressions. Topics covered – relations, choices, family, life and death, basically all that bothers and inspires human beings.

Podcasting Club

Join Media Literacy Fellow Joseph Crescente and podcaster and scholar Michelle Daniel for the inaugural session of the American Center’s Podcasting Club. This club is open to all. For our first meeting we will discuss podcasting, our interests, give a demonstration of the Media Lab’s podcasting equipment, and if term permits we can record an interview. Our goal is to give members the skills to create their own podcasts!

AMC Movie Club
Join us for American film screenings. We will watch such award winning best-sellers as “Mamma Mia!”, “The Lion King”, “Bonny and Clyde”, “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” and many others.
Java Programming Club
Java Programming Club
We invite everyone interested in STEM in general and programming in particular to our new workshop on Java programming. Come and practice how to program with this easy-to-use software that allows creating astonishing projects!
Ted-Ed Club at the American Center in Moscow
TED-Ed Club
A weekly club for students aged 13 to 18, who want to grow their curiosity, discover new ideas and passions, and then share them in the form of short TED-style talks.
AMC Book Club
AMC Book Club
AMC Book Club A biweekly club to discuss contemporary American fiction and non-fiction. Led by the university professor, it is a great way to practice your English and meet other book lovers.
AMC History Club
AMC Interns cover a wide variety of topics from the founding era to the late 20th century. You will have a chance to engage with these topics through popular music, movie clips, speeches, and historical facts, which will allow you to practice English and gain a deeper understanding of American culture through the nation’s history.
AMC Childrens' Club
Children’s Club
Children aged 5-12 years old and their parents can learn about American culture, practice their English and meet new friends. Children sing songs, read books and participate in activities.
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