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Eco Kids University Summer Camp 2019

Children language camp dedicated to ecology and national parks in the USA was held at the American center in Moscow in July 2019.

Nowadays ecological problems are becoming more dangerous and require immediate solutions. That is why it is important to inform children and to show how one can save the environment, and, most importantly, what happens if humanity does not take care of nature. That includes garbage islands, polluted air unsuitable for breathing, and lack of drinking water… Not the best perspective, isn’t it?

During our Camp, young visitors 6-12 y.o. were getting familiarized with the culture of ‘reduce, reuse, recycle’, that’s becoming popular, with US national parks and with conservation.

Not only kids, but their parents learned a lot, because they were there during the whole camp! That is a great way to bring out more eco-habits in all family members, as well as improve English speaking skills and expand vocabulary.

Parents feedback:

Larisa Kryukova, Facebook
“Our Eco Kids University is over. It was great and interesting! Children learned huge new vocabulary, found new friends! Thanks to the American Center, Artem Kotov, all counselors, and organizers! Parents weren’t bored either. Now we’re eco-conscious.”
Anastasia Orgetkina
“I would like to express my gratitude and appreciation for the summer camp for children on the territory of the Embassy. Excellent organization of the event and interesting topics kept kids engaged. Special thanks to Artem Kotov! His energy and charisma “infected” children with the desire to come to the camp every day. The knowledge conveyed to them was clear and understandable. Interesting topics, acquaintance with the United States, entertainment, everything was super! Time spent in the camp flew by and brought great benefit to all the kids. My child replenished her English vocabulary significantly, she also began to understand that nature needs to be taken care of and the environment is a necessary part of people’s lives. Again, THANK YOU so much!!!”
Natalia Kadyrova, Facebook
“I have been looking for an opportunity for my children to practice English for a long time… Sasha and Masha spent two weeks at AMC Children’s Camp. This year the topic of the camp was ecology. Children learned to live by the principle ‘reduce, reuse, recycle’. Language spoken at camp was English. A total of 60 children were invited. The kids were divided into groups by age (children from 6 to 12 years were allowed to participate). There were two counselors in each team. These were Russian-speaking volunteers, but their English is fluent. Every day began with dances, after the warm-up they checked homework, then children were told about some American state, then craft time and lunch. After lunch, they were working on the project, which each team had to present at the end of the camp. The team of our girls chose the topic “Global warming”. They prepared a cool presentation and won! The prize is an excursion to the Darwin Museum, where we are going tomorrow.
Outcomes. Sasha’s English is already quite good, but even this short-term practice has helped her to move forward on her learning path. Even my vocabulary has been replenished. Sasha’s awareness of the home planet has also increased. At home Sasha is responsible for the plastic disposal. If earlier it could be collected for months, now it is thrown into a special container much more often. I have an argument for limiting mindless shopping and conscious consumption, and it works.”
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