Местоположение Novinsky Bulvar, 21, Moscow, Russia
Номер телефона +7 (495) 728-5243

Exhibition Hall

The American Center in Moscow is a dynamic space that encourages multicultural dialogue, fosters creativity, provides opportunities for professional growth and personal development, and inspires collaboration around shared Russian and U.S. values. Offering a wide array of cultural and educational programs, the Center strives to increase people-to-people engagement by instilling good will and deepening mutual understanding between the people of the United States and the Russian Federation.

If you have an idea for an art project or exhibition that could be implemented in our exhibition hall and works towards the mission of American Center, please submit your proposal. We welcome and encourage submissions for proposals that:
  • Have a focus on social topics or issues (social inclusion and equality, human rights, diversity, public health, dignity and freedom, environment etc.)
  • Demonstrate strong ties to the U.S. (show the examples of U.S.-Russia bilateral collaboration, share American cultural values)
  • Identify innovative and creative solutions (created at the intersection of art, technology, design, architecture, etc.)

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