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How do I sign up for the American Center’s new eBook Library?
You can fill out the sign up form available here to receive your free personal account. You will be asked to provide your first and last name and your email address. Please note that these resources are only available to people currently residing in the Russian Federation. Please allow up to seven business days to receive access to the American Center’s eBook Library.
How can I access the American Center’s new eBook Library?
Once you have signed up for a personal account, go to http://amc.overdrive.com and sign in with your email address. You will then be able to borrow eBooks and audio books to read on your computer or download to your favorite device for 3 weeks.
Which titles are available through the new eBook Library?
Curated collections feature award-winning fiction for all ages, English language learning resources, books on innovation and entrepreneurship, studying in the U.S., civil society, U.S. elections, and much more.
What is Overdrive?
OverDrive powers the American Center’s eBook Library. OverDrive is the leading download service for digital content such as eBooks, audiobooks, and other digital materials made available on a single website for browsing, checking out, and downloading. 93% of U.S. libraries subscribe to OverDrive in order to offer digital content to members.
How can I find available eBook and audio book titles?
You can browse the American Center’s eBook Library collections and search for individual titles by using the search box (http://amc.overdrive.com)
How can I read or listen to titles?
You can borrow eBook and audio book titles to read in your browser on your computer or laptop. You can also download titles to read on your favorite devices. The simplest way to do so is to install the free OverDrive app that is compatible with Apple, Android, Windows, and other devices. More information is available here: https://app.overdrive.com/. Once you have installed the OverDrive app, search for U.S. Embassy American Center to access the American Center’s eBook Library. You can then download titles directly to the app and read or listen to them on the go.
Which devices are compatible with the OverDrive app?
A complete list of all compatible devices can be found here:http://help.overdrive.com/#devices.
Who selects the titles?
U.S. Embassy and American Center staff select eBook and audio book titles according to our collection development policy. The policy is available upon request.
If I don’t see a title, can I request that the American Center purchase it?
Yes, there is a built-in feature that allows members to request titles that are currently unavailable. Staff will consider these recommendations, but there is no guarantee that a title will be purchased.
How many eBooks can be checked out at a time?
Three downloadable items can be checked out to you at one time.
How long can I borrow eBooks and audio books?
The default check out period is three weeks.
Can downloaded books be renewed?
Yes, you can renew one title at a time. When the renewed title is returned, you may renew another title.
What happens when an item is due?
For eBooks, they simply expire. The titles will no longer be viewable on your device. For audiobooks burned to a CD or transferred to an iPod, etc., OverDrive relies on an honor system: patrons are expected to delete or erase the item. OverDrive recommends using a rewritable CD for audiobooks.
Can I return an item early?
Downloadable eBooks can be returned early, but downloadable audiobooks cannot. We encourage you to return eBooks as soon as you have finished them to make them available. You can generally tap and hold a title in your Overdrive Bookshelf to see the return option.
Are there overdue fees for downloadable media?
No, there are no overdue fees because the downloaded copies expire (even when they are transferred to an eReader or mobile device).
The title I want to read is not available, how do I place a hold on it?
You can place up to 5 holds on titles that you want to check out. If a title is already checked out, click “Place a Hold” and enter your email address. You will receive an email when the title is available.
Can I print from an eBook?
Some titles permit printing, but not all (due to copyright restrictions).
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