Местоположение Novinsky Bulvar, 21, Moscow, Russia
Номер телефона +7 (495) 728-5243

Media Lab

The AMC Media Lab is a great resource for anyone who wants to understand and engage in this information-driven world. Learn to fact check and research; Connect with other interested media enthusiasts; and Produce your own products, such as podcasts, videos, and blogs.
Video Recording
Record stunning 4K quality videos with our camcorder and DSLM cameras, use it with tripods or shoulder mount. Unleash your creativity with our Chroma Key Green Screen kit and perfect your visuals with our LED Studio Lightning gear.
Audio Recording
Whether you are planning to record vocals for a song or interview for a podcast to ensure high-quality sound we welcome you to use our industry-standard Condenser and Dynamic Microphones, high-performance Audio Interface and professional effects Audio Mixer located all in the acoustically treated Recording Booth.
Media Product Editing
Utilize our powerful Apple iMac computers for audio/video editing of your recordings. Create new artwork and experiment with digital content on a new level with Adobe Creative Cloud software.
How to Use the Media Lab?
To sign up for usage of Media Lab resources and opportunities contact us via email [email protected].
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