15-week Series for English Language Learners


15-week Series for English Language Learners

Join us every Monday beginning September 11 for a new series that provides an in-depth look into the world of American music and its intersection with language and culture. Designed especially for English language learners in Russia, the new series will use lyrics of contemporary American songs to help you explore and understand vocabulary, idioms, grammar structures, and the nuances inherent in the poetry of lyrics.

About the Educator:
New York-based Selena Daniels is a seasoned ESOL educator with a career that includes crafting compelling content for institutions including The New York Public Library, The Queens Public Library, and Lehman College Adult Learning Center, and more. Beyond the realm of teaching, Selena’s love for music has seen her serve pivotal roles at Achievement First Brooklyn High School and Bronx Preparatory High School, where she played a key role in expanding and enhancing the music programs.

When: Mondays, September 11 – December 18, 2023 at 20:00-21:30 MSK

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