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Projects of the AMC Makeathon 2020

AMC Makeathon 2020

On September 5-6, 2020, the American Center in Moscow hosted its traditional annual makeathon: AMC Makeathon 2020. This year it was the first time when our makeathon took place online. It was dedicated to solving urban issues with the use of digital technologies. 190 participants with various professional backgrounds and of all ages from all over Russia registered on the online platform by the partner – Codenrock – to find solutions to urban problems in one of the four thematic areas:

Problem Statements

AMC Makeathon 2020


Challenge “Transport: safe routes during pandemic”

To develop a service or a mobile application providing citizens with relevant information about environmentally friendly types of commuting and helping to create routes with the consideration of social distancing requirements.

Public Places

Challenge “Public places: social distancing

To develop a platform or service for monitoring and maintaining social distance in public places.

AMC Makeathon 2020
AMC Makeathon 2020


Challenge  “Environment: urban fauna” 

To develop a service or a mobile application informing citizens about different types of species of urban fauna (with a focus on birds), their habitat, and dietary habits to increase awareness of their needs and the ways to take care of them.

Universal design

Challenge “Accessible environment and universal design”

1. To develop a service assessing the urban environment in terms of its accessibility for people with disabilities. It should also provide access to data with local legal acts and rules for creating the accessible urban environment for people with disabilities and other low-mobility groups. This service should be created based on the principles of universal design and search options by using keywords.

2. To develop an educational service or a mobile app to increase awareness of the concept and principles of universal design and needs of people with disabilities or low-mobility groups in an engaging interactive form like a game.

AMC Makeathon 2020

AMC Makeathon 2020


After the first day of collaborative work 13 unique prototypes were chosen for the final stage. The projects of the finalists included a mobile application that uses a geographic information service to build a safe route, interactive applications about Moscow fauna and a social network for public control of social distance.

Winners of the AMC Makeathon 2020


I Place

The team created a prototype of the mobile app that serves educational purposes and helps city dwellers to differ various types of urban birds by the means of photo/voice /text recognition technologies. The app automatically detects the bird and provides a short description of the particular species and recommendations on how to feed it. Information about various types of urban birds will help to educate local communities on the diversity of urban animals and recommendations on bird diets will save birds from harmful feeding by the people with no prior knowledge.


II Place

The team created a prototype of the app GoPigeon that presents useful information about urban environment and urban animals through the developed set of entertaining games.

Komanda Tsveta Avocado

III Place

The team created a prototype of the web-platform that would inform about occupancy limitations and allow to sign in for an online queue. This solution will reduce the risk of infection (during the pandemic) by managing the flow of visitors.

Three winning teams were awarded by the American Center with tech gifts and with prizes from AMC partners: annual subscriptions to databases with photos, illustrations and vectors by ICONS8 and certificates for online-excursions by Wind4Tune – the service of online traveling in realtime.

Partners of the AMC Makeathon 2020

We thank all the participants, the mentors and the partners of AMC Makeathon 2020. The projects in the sphere of urban development are extremely important for our society, and together we were able to move forward in solving challenging urban issues!

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