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Recorded: May 22, 2019

Talk on Women’s Empowerment

Jennifer’s professional speaking career was born of a demand that resulted from Jennifer’s successful auto racing endeavors. This captured much media attention and created curiosity among the business community, schools and organizations. Jennifer began speaking as a volunteer at numerous schools, Rotary and Kiwanis clubs as well as many other service organizations. Soon, business professionals were asking her to share her message at corporate events, annual meetings, reward gatherings and motivational seminars. 

STUDY Resources

Learn more from American Experts and Russian Leaders in STEM, ESL, Business and Politics.

Learn English

Watch recorded lectures of AMC events about English Learning, find useful materials

American History and Culture

Learn more about American history and culture from invited speakers

U.S.–Russia Relations

Get to know about the history of U.S.–Russian multifaceted diplomatic relationship


Build a robot, code your application, and learn how to become an engineer

Art and Culture

Discuss best masterpieces and cultural phenomenons with our guest speakers

Study in the U.S.

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Meet experts from business and get to know how to start your own


How individual, community, and corporate contribute to  sustainability of the world

Media Literacy

Learn how to evaluate the quality of news and journalism.


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