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Summer Camp for Kids

In July 2018, the American Center in the U.S. Embassy in Moscow held a daily summer camp for children ages 7-12. More than 80 children participated in the camp.

This is a third year in a row this activity has been held, and it has become a tradition for the American Center and its guests: young researchers got the chance to get acquainted with new technologies and the Maker’s Movement (2016); they found out who scouts are and modeled this role for themselves (2017).

In 2018, the children could get acquainted with the United States of America, the geographical features of the country, the system of government, and the kind of work done by American Spaces and Embassies all over the world. Young participants got to see what it would be like to travel across 15 states from Alaska and Hawaii to New York State. Children found out what each state is most known for: sights, architecture, nature, ethnic foods, and well-known people. During the “Discover America trip” they learned new words and correct pronunciation, participated in competitions for the best project, which they made themselves and earned points for their teams to get awards.

One of the foundational goals of the summer camp in 2018 was the active involvement of parents cooperating with their children, thereby creating a friendly community and a family atmosphere. This resulted in a parent’s committee, which actively participates in all the activities at the Center.

Feedback from the participants:

“It is a great idea to only use English. My child had the opportunity to immerse in the language and get an additional incentive to study it.”

“My child became more independent after being left in a group without parents. I was also really happy to work with other children. This has really rallied our community.”

“Not only my child, but I myself got great pleasure from the activity. We learned a lot about American culture.”

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