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In the 1980s and 1990s, Dr. Kimball worked on a ten-year joint project with Russian, British, and American scholars on the history of the Second World War, resulting in the monumental book, Allies at War: The Soviet, American, and British Experience, 1939-1945. He has published over 50 essays and several books on Roosevelt, Churchill, Lend-Lease, and the era of World War II. He is Robert Treat Professor of History (emeritus) at Rutgers University.

Photo credit: U.S. National Archives: Food, ammunition, machinery, and other Lend-Lease materiel from the United States destined for the Soviet Union are piled up in Cairo, Egypt, on April 23, 1943. The items are awaiting shipment to the Soviet Union through the Persian Corridor Lend-Lease route.


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