AMC Online | Meet a Poet: Geoffrey Nutter

Join us for an enlightening evening with the acclaimed poet, Geoffrey Nutter. As the author of notable books of poems such as Christopher Sunset, The Rose of January, and Giant Moth Perishes, Nutter has carved a significant place for himself in the world of contemporary poetry. His evocative verses and unique perspectives have garnered attention from readers and critics alike.

Beyond his contributions as a poet, Geoffrey Nutter has been instrumental in shaping young minds through his roles at New York University and Queens College, where he passionately teaches poetry. Furthermore, he heads the Wallson Glass Poetry Seminars, dedicated to fostering the next generation of poetic talent through private writing sessions.

For a sneak peek of his poems, click here.

This is a golden opportunity for literature enthusiasts, budding poets, and anyone with a love for the written word to immerse themselves in an enriching discussion about poetry and its nuances. Geoffrey’s insights, drawn from his experiences both as a celebrated poet and a passionate educator at esteemed institutions like New York University and Queens College, promise to be illuminating.

About the guest speaker/poet:

Geoffrey Nutter’s writings have garnered much acclaim, with collections such as “Christopher Sunset”, “The Rose of January”, and “Giant Moth Perishes”. Apart from being a passionate poet, he’s an educator, imparting knowledge at New York University and Queens College. Additionally, Geoffrey steers the Wallson Glass Poetry Seminars in New York City, offering a series of private writing sessions. The essence of his work is not just in the beauty of his words, but in the deep resonances they strike with readers and listeners alike.

Don’t miss this opportunity to immerse yourself in the world of poetry and gain insights directly from one of its contemporary masters.





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