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AMC Online | Native Hawaiians: History and Present Day

Описание мероприятия

The event will include a 45-minute presentation by Professor David A. Chang, Native Hawaiian historian and Professor of History at University of Minnesota, followed by a 15-minute period for questions facilitated by American Theater Director and Arts Leader Seema Sueko. The event will be conducted in English. 

David A. Chang is a Native Hawaiian historian of indigenous people, colonialism, borders and migration in Hawaii and North America, focusing especially on the histories of Native American and Native Hawaiian people. His second book, The World and All the Things Upon It: Native Hawaiian Geographies of Exploration was published in 2016 by the University of Minnesota Press. The book draws on Hawaiian-language sources—the stories, songs, chants, texts, and political prose—to reveal Kanaka Maoli (Native Hawaiians) reflections on the nature of global geography and their place in it. The World and All the Things Upon It received the American Historical Association’s Albert J. Beveridge Award (best book in English on the history of the United States, Latin America, or Canada from 1492 to the present); the Modern Language Association’s Prize for Studies in Native American Literatures, Cultures, and Languages; The Western History Association’s John C. Ewers Award (best book in North American Indian Ethnohistory); the Native American and Indigenous Studies Association’s Best Subsequent Book Prize; and was honored as a finalist for the American Studies Association’s John Hope Franklin Award (for Most Outstanding Book in American Studies). His first book, The Color of the Land, argues for the central place of struggles over the ownership of Native American lands in the history of racial and national construction by Creeks, African Americans, and whites in the Creek Nation and eastern Oklahoma. The Color of the Land was awarded the 2010 Theodore Saloutos Prize for best book in agricultural history from the Agricultural History Society and was granted Honorable Mention in the competition for the American Studies Association’s 2011 Lora Romero First Book Prize.

The event is hosted on the AMC Facebook page on April 21 at 4:00pm Moscow time: https://www.facebook.com/acmoscow/ You can register below and leave your valid email address to receive a reminder 30 minutes before the online event starts. To join other AMC Online programs, please check the American Center’s website and TimePad calendars.

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