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AMC Online | Women’s contributions during World War II: First all-African-American female US battalion

Описание мероприятия

To commemorate women’s contributions to the war effort, we reflect on the historic 6888th Postal Directory Battalion.

Members of the 6888th consisted of the largest group of African-American women to ever serve overseas. The battalion of 855 women sorted mail overseas as postal clerks, but some served as cooks, mechanics, and in other support positions, as the 6888th was a self-sufficient unit. Their motto was “No mail, no morale.” They devised their own efficient system to handle the backlog of mail to the troops in Europe. They worked in three different shifts, seven days a week, processing and delivering an estimated 65,000 pieces of mail per shift, providing needed connection home for the troops serving in Europe.

Join the discussion with retired US Colonel Edna Cummings, who has researched and spoken extensively about the experiences of these groundbreaking World War II heroes, on August 26 at 7 pm Moscow time to learn more about this historic battalion.  

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