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English for Business and Entrepreneurship MOOC

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If you are interested in learning Business English, then sign up for the seven-week MOOC “English for Business and Entrepreneurship.” In this five-week course you will learn the English you need to write business plans, conduct market research, and communicate with partners and customers around the world. The online course will start on 15 May 2016 and last for seven weeks. Participation in the course is free as well as the materials used during it. (** If you want a Certificate of Completion from Coursera and University of Pennsylvania, there is a small fee for this.)

We are excited to also offer weekly in-person sessions on Wednesday evenings at the American Center to supplement this course. These sessions are free and will be taught by Natalia Komissarova, who will each week during the duration of this class conduct additional activities corresponding with the MOOC program. You will be able to meet, discuss the course content together, practice the new English that you are learning and keep each other motivated to complete the seven-week program.

NOTE: These sessions are for participants who are enrolled in the MOOC. 






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Я твой личный помощник и я помогу тебе узнать о подходящих для тебя возможностях Американского Центра. В среду (8 февраля) у нас состоится "AMC Online | Managing Finances and Resources - Entrepreneurship in English Language Teaching Series". Ты хочешь пойти?