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Lecture: «Business Start-ups in Russia»


Lecture: «Business Start-ups in Russia»

Описание мероприятия

This lecture will help you understand how business settings are supposed to run so that no room for delusion is left. We will discuss business cases in Russia and abroad.

Any organization — commercial, government, not-for-profit, or social — is likely to be impacted, sometimes greatly, sometimes to a lesser extent, by factors in its external environment. Techniques such as PEST analysis, sometimes with its scope extended to be called PESTLE, and SWOT analysis are used by businesses to succeed. We will see how they work and how they can be applied.

Any product or service goes through a natural life cycle. That is why analyzing the Near Environment is important. We will look at the Ansoff product market growth matrix analysis that shows strategies that can be used to help a business grow in the context of whether it markets new or existing products in new or existing markets. We will also look upon the Boston Box Matrix that seeks to relate, analyze and review on an ongoing basis the rate of market growth of a product or service to its relative market share. Organizations exist in areas which are competitive; to analyze these factors we will also speak about Porter Five Forces.

Facilitated by Anna Yurchak, AMC Volunteer, professional lawyer with 15+ years experience.

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