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Lecture «Global Education: How to Connect Your Class to the World»

Описание мероприятия

Rapidly expanding internet access makes it possible for students to connect across countries, socioeconomic backgrounds, and ideologies. Through teacher testimonials, explore how online peer-to-peer learning is changing the way that students understand the world, practice languages, and share perspectives. We’ll review the latest collaborative learning tools, explore data that connects global education to positive learning outcomes, and examine how these experiences broaden perspectives and form the foundation for a more collaborative planet. 
Speakers’ bios:
Joe Troyen, CEO, PenPal Schools (Austin, the USA)
Founder & CEO of PenPal Schools, an organization that connects over a quarter million students from 150 countries to learn together. Joe is passionate about improving opportunities for young people around the world, and inspired by the incredible experiences and perspectives that students share with each other every day. 
In addition to founding PenPal Schools, Joe co-founded and served as the first CEO of ProCell Therapies, a healthcare company bringing the benefits of stem cell science to consumers. Before starting Procell Therapies and PenPal Schools, Joe worked for 5 years designing software products for Education, Health Care, Financial Services, and other industries. Prior to that Joe worked as an English teacher in Spain, researched the effectiveness of after-school programs in the Bronx, and earned a bachelor’s degree in International Relations from Pomona College.
Mark Danforth, Chief Learning Officer, PenPal Schools (Austin, the USA)
An experienced educator and education technology entrepreneur with expertise in classroom instruction, curriculum design, professional development, and e-learning. Before joining PenPal Schools, Mark spent five years in public education where he served students and families in Oakland, California as a classroom teacher, mathematics and technology instructional coach, and school leader. 
Mark holds a Master’s in Education from the University of San Francisco where he specialized in curriculum design and classroom instruction. Mark has collaborated with teachers, school leadership, and organizations from around the world to provide engaging, culturally-relevant, high-quality learning opportunities to students.
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Москва, Новинский бульвар, 21


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