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Lecture:”Fake News: Lessons learned from the history”

Описание мероприятия

Fake news is in our midst and often mentioned, especially in the political sphere. However, it is not an unusual phenomenon, nor strictly the provenance of politics. Deliberately misleading an adversary, a competitor or the reading ‘public’ is nothing new. This short lecture by Professor Christopher Korten will discuss noteworthy examples over the last millennium in order to gain perspective about the ‘popularity’ of Fake news today.

Professor Christopher Korten was born in the US and studied at the universities of Oxford and Cambridge. In addition to participating in many international conferences, he has guest lectured at the universities of Hong Kong, Trinity College, Dublin, La Sapienza (Rome), as well as Oxford and Cambridge. He was also visiting professor at Moscow State University (Lomonosov) in the autumn of 2016. Professor Korten formerly taught at the University of Warsaw and, most recently, has been teaching in the department of History at Adam Mickiewicz University, Poznan. Chris has recently taken up the position of Professor at MGIMO in the faculty of International Relations. He is currently writing a book on diplomacy under Tsar Nicholas I (1825-1855).

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Москва, Новинский бульвар, 21


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