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Music Lecture: «All That Jazz!»


Music Lecture: «All That Jazz!»

Описание мероприятия

Welcome to our new series of lectures about one of the brightest musical genres of the 20th century — Jazz. As a singer, Maria Weinberg will focus her lectures on the biographies of the greatest Jazz singers and their contribution to the development of this musical genre. You will also learn about the roots of jazz, first jazz musicians, and how jazz is linked to the modern popular music genres. And most importantly — why jazz is the key element of the twentieth century America’s musical (and — more broadly — cultural) history.

 First lecture: History of Jazz

The questions to be discussed:

 1. What was before jazz?

2. Where and under what circumstances did jazz originate? 

3. Why is jazz the music of freedom?

4. Who was the first jazz musician?

5. How jazz influenced American musical and cultural history?

Led by Maria Weinberg, a jazz singer with a degree in arts journalism.

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