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Performance: «Rossum’s Universal Robots» by Karel Čapek

Описание мероприятия

American Center in Moscow invites you to the performance of  the science fiction play «Rossum’s Universal Robots» («R.U.R.») by Karel Čapek. The performance is supported by the English Through Drama project of the U.S. Embassy in Moscow, staged and performed by ITMO University (St. Petersburg) students and teachers.

ITMO University is the leading technical university in Russia, pioneer of the IT and programming field and many-times winner of various student Robotics championships. This time ITMO team decided to gain insights into the future through Karel Chapek’s science fiction play “R.U.R.”.

“R.U.R.” is extremely relevant to the modern world. The play explores ethical problems associated with technological advancement and the responsibility of humankind for its consequences. Modern audiences will associate the problems described in the play with such spheres as artificial intelligence and biotechnologies. How far can humanity go in developing artificial intelligence? Is there any threat in technological and biological advancement? What would the relationship between humankind and artificial beings be like? The first night of the play took place at the closing of the International Robotics Conference at ITMO on May 18th, 2018.

The whole project was initiated by the tutor of ITMO Valentina Duilger. Her colleague Aleksandra Nikitina adapted the original script. The action was transferred into the future, 100 years from now. They gathered a team of enthusiastic and talented students to perform on stage, design costumes and decorations, shoot the videos for the play. The team invited professional choreographers who work in robot dance style. The light and 3D-mapping decorations were provided by ITMO Department of Creative Lightning Design.

The play is performed in English and will be interesting to children and parents and everybody interested in theatre, robotics, English and art.
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Москва, Новинский бульвар, 21


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