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Special Lecture: Conservation and Climate Change

Описание мероприятия

Join us for a special lecture on Tuesday, March 1st at 6:30p.m. with award-winning biologist and conservationist, Dr. Joel Berger. Dr. Berger is one of the world's preeimnent field biologists and is winner of several awards, including the prestigious Indianapolis Prize, which is given every other year to an individual who has made extraordinary contributions to conservation efforts. 

Over the past four decades Berger has established himself as one of the world’s preeminent field biologists focusing on species in North America, Mongolia, the Arctic and Namibia. Through his prolific publications and five books he has studied a wide variety of species ranging from wild yaks to black rhinos and from pronghorn to wild horses.

Berger is a senior scientist with the Wildlife Conservation Society as well as a research associate for the Smithsonian Institution. Prior to joining CSU, he held the position of John J. Craighead Chair of Wildlife Conservation at the University of Montana.






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