Business Book Club I The Culture Map: Meyer, Erin

Join us for our upcoming Business Book Club meetings, where we’ll explore the following books:

  1. The Culture Map: Meyer, Erin

    • Explore how different cultures around the world communicate and work together, offering tips for improving international business and teamwork.


 Materials for Upcoming Session 

Don’t forget to check out the materials for each upcoming session, which are regularly posted in our Telegram chat. You can find them at this link: Business Book Club Telegram Chat ( 

  Come Prepared

Along with reading (or listening to) the book, Business Book Club participants will be asked to do what participants do best: actively participate. Our aim is to foster dynamic discussions rather than just host a lecture by Egor, so we encourage you to speak up and share what’s on your mind. We all learn from each other and your voice of experience matters! 


About the Facilitator:

Egor Ryasov is a distinguished business professional with a comprehensive background in retailing, marketing, and management. His career has spanned pivotal roles at esteemed global firms such as PwC, IBM, and McKinsey, accumulating a wealth of expertise in various facets of business operations and strategy.

In 2019, Ryasov transitioned into entrepreneurship, co-founding an innovative platform that specializes in assisting brands with international market expansion. His professional journey, bridging top-tier corporate leadership and entrepreneurial initiatives, brings a depth of perspective that is both rare and invaluable.

A committed lifelong learner, Ryasov is an active participant in several prestigious business clubs where he consistently enriches his professional skills and network. He has also been featured as a guest speaker at multiple conferences dedicated to entrepreneurship and startup development. 

Outside the professional sphere, he is an accomplished marathoner, having participated in high-profile races in New York and Berlin. Ryasov’s extensive corporate experience, entrepreneurial acumen, and proven record as a speaker make him a compelling and insightful contributor to any business-oriented discussion.

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