Film Screening & Filmmaker Q&A: "A River Called Home"

Join us for the screening of “A River Called Home,” a 26-minute documentary following four women on a 350-mile journey along the James River, from its headwaters to the Chesapeake Bay. Witness the team’s water quality studies, the challenges they face—including whitewater rapids and exposure to toxic pollution—and the condition of this vital waterway. The film screening will be followed by a live Q&A with Jess Wiegandt, the film’s Director, Producer, Editor, and Expedition Leader.

“A River Called Home” (26 minutes) is a captivating documentary that follows the 350-mile journey of four women who embark at the headwaters of the James River and paddle to the Chesapeake Bay. Over the course of three weeks, they conduct comprehensive water quality studies, investigating the health of this significant waterway and assessing the effectiveness of its protection measures. As the team navigates their path, they encounter numerous challenges—including navigating whitewater rapids and confronting exposure to toxic pollution.

This screening event offers an intimate look at a significant environmental expedition, highlighting the tangible impact of waterway protection efforts—or the lack thereof—on local communities and ecosystems.

Following the film, attendees will have the unique opportunity to engage in a live Q&A session with Jess Wiegandt, the creative and exploratory force behind the film. It’s a chance to dive deeper into the making of the film, the challenges faced during the expedition, and the broader implications of the team’s findings.

About the Filmmaker:

Jess Wiegandt is a dedicated filmmaker with a passion for environmental issues. As the Director, Producer, Editor, and Expedition Leader of “A River Called Home,” she masterfully blends her love for adventure with her commitment to shedding light on critical environmental challenges. With her rich background in both film and environmental science, Jess brings a unique and informed perspective to her work.

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