Global Entrepreneurship Week 2023: Empowering Entrepreneurs, Building Networks

As part of this grand celebration of entrepreneurship, the American Center in Moscow has curated a series of sessions to resonate with this spirit and emphasize the importance of continuous learning and networking in today’s dynamic business landscape. For this edition, we have the privilege of hosting experts who have honed their skills at some of the world’s leading consulting giants like PwC, IBM, and McKinsey. After gaining invaluable experience and insights, these professionals took the brave leap into entrepreneurship. Such a journey has not only solidified their expertise in their respective domains but also widened their horizons, making them adept at navigating the multifaceted challenges of the business world.


14th November, 7:00PM Moscow time
History of Startups: Why Some Become Epic Companies and Some Fail
Discover the world of startups with Egor Ryasov. Explore the twists and turns of startup culture and history, learning about renowned companies that were once on the brink of failure and others that never reached their potential. What distinguishes one startup’s path to success from another’s failure? Join us to unravel these mysteries.

16th November, 6:00PM Moscow time
Using Big4 Consulting Expertise to Build a Profitable Startup
Alfonso Yague Yges will draw upon his Big4 consulting background to illuminate the pathway to crafting a lucrative startup. Learn how top-tier consulting insights can be channeled into entrepreneurial success. 

What to expect?

  • Key takeaways from experts’ experiences at global firms like PwC, IBM, McKinsey, and Deloitte.
  • Learnings from their forays into entrepreneurship, covering sectors from innovative tech platforms to e-commerce.
  • A deep dive into the dynamics of startups: what makes some soar and others falter.
  • A unique blend of perspectives from two different cultural backgrounds, offering a holistic view on global entrepreneurship.

Each session, available via live-stream on platforms such as YouTube, VK, and Telegram, will comprise a talk or discussion followed by an interactive Q&A. It’s not just about listening—it’s about engaging, asking questions, and building bridges in the world of entrepreneurship.

To participate in the sessions during the Global Entrepreneurship Week, you only need to register once. After registration, we’ll keep you informed and send reminder notifications for all the scheduled meetings.

Special guests:

Egor Ryasov is a distinguished business professional with a comprehensive background in retailing, marketing, and management. His career has spanned pivotal roles at esteemed global firms such as PwC, IBM, and McKinsey, accumulating a wealth of expertise in various facets of business operations and strategy.
In 2019, Ryasov transitioned into entrepreneurship, co-founding an innovative platform that specializes in assisting brands with international market expansion. His professional journey, bridging top-tier corporate leadership and entrepreneurial initiatives, brings a depth of perspective that is both rare and invaluable.
A committed lifelong learner, Ryasov is an active participant in several prestigious business clubs where he consistently enriches his professional skills and network. He has also been featured as a guest speaker at multiple conferences dedicated to entrepreneurship and startup development.
Outside the professional sphere, he is an accomplished marathoner, having participated in high-profile races in New York and Berlin. Ryasov’s extensive corporate experience, entrepreneurial acumen, and proven record as a speaker make him a compelling and insightful contributor to any business-oriented discussion.

Alfonso Yague Yges is a cosmopolitan professional, with an expansive career enriched by his experiences living in the United Kingdom, the United States, Belgium, Spain, and Switzerland.
He completed his university education at a prestigious UK institution, specializing in business and graduating with the highest honors. Following his academic achievements, Alfonso launched his career in consulting by joining Deloitte Switzerland as a graduate. He spent four enriching years at Deloitte, honing his skills and becoming a seasoned professional.
Seeking new challenges, Alfonso transitioned into the technology sector, taking on the role of Sales Manager at iRewind, a Swiss tech scale-up. He remains with the company today, contributing to its international expansion through a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) product. In addition to his corporate endeavors, Yges is also an entrepreneur at heart. He co-founded his own ecommerce agency, which has been consistently profitable since its inception. The agency serves a global clientele, and Yges is committed to its continued growth, as well as his own professional development.


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