Using AI Intelligently: A 5-part series on how to incorporate this transformational tool into your life

Artificial Intelligence promises to be the most transformational tool of our lifetime. Instead of shying away from the technology, come learn how it can actually enhance your life!

Session Schedule & Topics:

AI in the Wild | Monday, September 18
Learn how to use AI to prepare for your next camping trip. In the context of learning about one of the most beautiful and remote places in America—Minnesota’s Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness—we’ll show you how AI can assist in route planning, weather forecasting, and emergency situations. With AI as your guide, no matter where you wish to roam, you can plan an unforgettable trip, ensure your outdoor adventures are safer, and make the most of your time in the wilderness.

AI in the Classroom | Monday, October 2
Explore how AI will be transforming the educational landscape over the next few years. This session offers practical techniques to enhance your teaching, while also addressing how students are already encountering AI in their daily lives outside the classroom. Understand how to adapt your methods to this new reality.

AI as Teacher, Coach, Confidante, and Sounding Board | Monday, October 16

Get acquainted with Pi, an AI-powered conversational tool designed to listen to your daily challenges, engage in conversation, and provide helpful advice. Pi, which stands for “personal intelligence,” can be used as a tool for journaling, self-reflection, and language practice, offering you a unique approach to mental health and language improvement.

AI for Academic Research | October 30

Join us for a transformative session that will revolutionize your approach to research, whether professional, academic, or personal. Discover how generative AI not only accelerates things like internet search, text summarization and manipulation, ideation, data analysis, and coding improvement…but also how generative AI opens up new horizons in academic inquiry and how we engage and learn from the resources around us. Don’t miss out on hands-on examples that will empower you to take your research skills to the next level.

AI for Your Hobbies | November 6
Learn how to supercharge your hobbies and complete creative projects more easily.





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