Creative Writing Club: Dialogue and Scene

dialogue and sceneJoin our club this Saturday, October 25 at 4 p.m. to master the creation of a perfect dialogue and a memorable scene. For this class, you will need to prepare two examples of your favorite dialogues/scenes (one example of each). After the theoretical part (lecture), be ready to discuss your examples with the rest of the group. Also, bring a pen + a notebook (or a laptop) to do writing exercises. Please note that the event will take place on the 5th floor.
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Lecture: “Being a Journalist in the USSR” *CANCELLED*

ann cooperWednesday, October 22 at 6 p.m. Professor at Columbia University and former Executive Director of the Committee to Protect Journalists, Ann Cooper will talk about her experience of being a journalist in the Soviet Union. A host on National Public Radio for over 25 years, Cooper was NPR’s Moscow bureau chief, has won several awards and co-authored “Russia at the Barricades”.

Though the lecture was CANCELLED at AMC, you may see Ann Cooper speak on Friday, October 24th at 7p.m. at the Chekhov Cultural Center (metro Chekhovskaya). For more information, please visit:

Toastmasters/Public Speaking Club

toastmastersJoin us on  Tuesday, October,21 at 7 p.m. for  Moscow Toastmasters/Public Speaking Club! This club is a structured club to help members learn better public speaking and presentation skills, and is a registered part of the International Toastmasters Club. This club does have its own six-month membership fee, which is collected and used exclusively by Toastmasters International (and not by American Center or the All-Russia Library for Foreign Literature). First meeting open to all.


teensoctoberHey there, guys and girls! If ever there’s a power outage that leaves you with no access to the internet and a few hours to spare – knowing how to play popular American card games, like Crazy 8’s , Gin Rummy and Euchre can come in handy! If you are anxious to learn this vital life skill, then Tuesday, October 21st, 7 p.m. is the time to be at the American Center for Teens’ Club!

English Discussion Club

babylon revisitedJoin us on Sunday, October19 at 3:30 p.m. for English Discussion Club. It will be conducted by Professor Robert  Linkous. This meeting will focus on F. Scott Fitzgerald’s “Babylon Revisited”, written in 1930 and first published on February 21, 1931 in the Saturday Evening Post .The story is set in the year after the stock market crash of 1929, just after what Fitzgerald called the “Jazz Age”. Part III.

Debates Club: Vegetarianism and Veganism

VegetarianJoin us on Saturday, October 18th at 3 p.m. for a Debates Club meeting. This time we’ll discuss the statement “Humans should stop eating animals”.

In recent years, a growing trend toward vegetarianism and veganism has arisen all around the world. Due to increasing awareness of health, the environment and compassion for animals more adult people choose vegetarian diet not only for themselves but also for their children. Accessibility of vegetarian food has improved in the last 10 years, as well as promotion of the vegetarian lifestyle has become more effective. All these inspire people first to try this new kind of lifestyle and then finally to go the vegetarian route. But let’s imagine that humans will become fully vegetarian someday in the future. Do you think it is right and possible? Would you go this way? Join us and share your opinion on this interesting topic!