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American educational, creative, and recreational institutions partnered with the American Center include:



Middlebury College, a private liberal arts college in the northeast United States, hosts one of the country’s most developed and immersive Russian studies programs. In addition to the Russian Department’s focus on the teaching of Russian language, literature, and culture, an affiliated International Studies program provides students with insight into Russia’s intellectual and civic landscape. A Middlebury study abroad campus in Moscow, hosted by the Russian State University for the Humanities, brings a regular delegation of Middlebury students to Moscow each year.
The Russian Studies program within the University of Washington’s Department of Slavic Languages and Literatures provides American university students with a view of Russian culture that extends far beyond the study of the language itself: with courses including “First-Year Medical Russian”, “Russian Jewish Experience”, and “Extended Russian through Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math”, the American Center’s partnership with UW presents an ideal opportunity for educational exchange with the Moscow community.
Aside from its comprehensive Russian Studies program, the University of Arkansas is distinguished among American universities by its extensive connections with Russian educational institutions. In the past, students from the University of Arkansas have proceeded to participate in exchange programs with Moscow State University, Saint Petersburg State University, Saint Petersburg Polytechnical University, and others. The American Center’s partnership with the University of Arkansas extends these connections to both the U.S. Embassy and the local Moscow community and provides a channel through which to conduct linguistic and cultural exchanges.




Located in historic Boerum Hill, Brooklyn, NYC Resistor is a makerspace collective that provides New York creatives with the opportunity to undertake hands-on projects ranging from Arduino programming to knitting. Regular technical and crafting courses allow members of the community to engage interests in art, design, craftwork, and technology.
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