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Media Literacy Resources

American Center in Moscow is a place where you can learn about Media Literacy. Media literacy is very important in this day and age. Here are some resources to start with:

Learn more about Media Literacy

If you want to learn how to evaluate the quality of news and journalism, here are some free courses you can take:
1) English for Media Literacy (by the University of Pennsylvania)
2) Making Sense of the News: News Literacy Lessons for Digital Citizens (by The University of Hong Kong, The State University of New York);
3) Media and Information Literacy and Intercultural Dialogue (MILID) Course (by UNESCO and Athabasca University)
4) News Sense: The Building Blocks of News (by Poynter’s News University)
5) Understanding Media: Process and Principles (by Poynter’s News University)
6) Watching TV News: How to be a Smarter Viewer (by Poynter’s News University)

If you want to learn how to fact-check and verify the authenticity photos and videos, here are some useful resources:

1) A Field Guide to Fake News
2) A list of fact-checking tools recommended by Poynter Institute
3) Become a Better Fact-Checker in 8 Videos
4) Fact-Checking: How to Improve Your Skills in Accountability Journalism Course (by Poynter’s News University)
5) First Draft News: Guides to Verify Photos and Videos
6) First Draft News: Verification Toolbox
7) Hands-on Fact-Checking: A Short Course (by Poynter’s News University)
8) Sources, Verification and Credibility Course (by Poynter’s News University)
9) Verification Handbook
10) Verification Tools Course (by Google News Initiative)

If you are a journalist or a journalism student and want to develop professionally, take a look at the courses and webinars offered by Poynter’s News University

For educators

If you are an educator and you are looking for syllabus ideas or teaching resources on News & Media Literacy, you can use lesson plans and other teaching resources offered by:

1) NewseumED
2) Digital Resource Center
3) MediaSmarts
4) Check the Source
5) Media Education Lab

If you are an educator and would like to teach Media Literacy in Russian, use exercises from Медианавигатор.

Want to know what Fake News is?

Read recommendations on how to avoid falling for fake news (by PolitiFact)

Check out urban legends, folklore, myths, rumors, and misinformation being fact-checked and debunked on Snopes.

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