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AMC Online | And What Was Going On Over There? Historical parallels in the USA and Russia

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Nowadays with the rising feeling of insecurity due to the pandemic, it’s crucial to understand that history works in mysterious ways and for the most part people from one country are not alone in the swirl of events. And after some turbulence, there are always clear skies. This is a series of 4 lectures aimed at a closer look at historical parallels occurring during peak moments in history. These lectures will mostly turn to Russian and American history and will be held in English, so your language proficiency should be Intermediate and above. 

The second lecture on March 31 will bring us to the mid-19th century and later when some turning points in history occurred such as the abolition of slavery and the emancipation of serfs. Alexander II, a monarch, and Abraham Lincoln, a self-taught lawyer and a President — the European press was putting them on the same pages: were they ideologically close? 

The third lecture on April 8 is going to a little party. The Roaring 20s with flappers and the Prohibition in the United States and Lenin’s New Economic Policy (NEP) in a new country after a turmoil. A boost of art history on both sides of the ocean and a crisis of identity in both societies.

The fourth and final lecture on April 14 turns to the 1960s: another turning point in the societies on both sides of the ocean. The Cuban Missile Crisis and nuclear deterrence on the international stage are happening at the same time as a rise of societal polarization is taking place backstage. A spike in visits between the two countries helped to shape some national perceptions of their citizens. Were the United States and the USSR “frenemies”? 

Led by Kristina Kamshilova, a specialist in North American studies (Institute for U.S. and Canadian Studies Diploma). She participated in several exchange programs with the University of Maryland and recently lived in the USA for a year. Currently, her field of interest is comparative historical analysis of Russian-American relations.

This class is hosted on Zoom, so if you are interested in joining, please create a Zoom account beforehand. When registering below, please submit your valid email address to receive a link to the class Zoom meeting 30 minutes before the session begins.

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