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SAT Math Study Group

Описание мероприятия

This study group will be useful to people who want to apply for undergraduate programs at US colleges, as well as to people who are just interested in math. In these weekly classes, the participants will learn the basics necessary for tackling SAT math. A theoretical part will take 20-30 minutes of the class, which will be followed by SAT math problems solving. 

Schedule of classes:

Class 1. Graphics of functions and their properties (linear function and its properties, quadratic function and its properties, hyperbola and its properties, root function and its properties, piecewise function, module, logarithmic and exponential functions)

Class 2. Trigonometry: most important formulas and singular circle (solving trigonometry equations, important theorems where we can meet trigonometry)

Class 3. Pre calculus: limits, general definitions; calculus: derivatives, how to explore functions using derivatives

Class 4. Calculus: integrals, common ways of finding the integrals

Class 5. Polar and three-dimensional coordinates (geometry in space)

Led by David Krimer, 10th grade student («Pervyy Eksternat» («Первый экстернат»),  scored 32/32 in General Russian Exam in Math (ОГЭ по математике). 

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Москва, Новинский бульвар, д. 21


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