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Seminar: Theory and Practice of Online Course Design

Описание мероприятия

The course Theory and Practice of Online Course Design is aimed at both new and experienced English language teachers who would like to learn how to design an online language course. The course consists of 7 seminars that will provide insights into different stages of designing of an online language course. The course itself is not aimed at describing the technological aspect of course design, though it will briefly cover some aspects. Nevertheless, the main objective of the course is to introduce key aspects of instructional design and ways to implement them when designing an online language course.

Participants who attend the course and successfully complete all assignments will be awarded a certificate.

Course requirement: minimum language requirement of B2.

Course content:

Module 1. Introduction to instructional design: aims and objectives of Instructional design, key aspects to ponder.

Module 2. Needs analysis: basic concepts, instruments of NA, ways to conduct NA.

Module 3. Stating the aims and objectives of the course: six steps to goal analysis, comparing goal analysis and needs assessment, Bloom’s taxonomy.

Module 4. Developing the content of the course: analysis of the upcoming content; principles of material selection; sequencing of the material.

Module 5. Control and assessment: purposes of evaluation; types of assessment; the relationship among evaluation and goals and objectives of the course.

Module 6. Working with online platforms: choosing a platform; working with the platform; downloading a course.

Module 7. Presentation of the course.

Taught by: Vladimir Mikhailov, senior lecturer, Foreign Languages Department, Moscow Pedagogical State University

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Москва, Новинский бульвар, 21


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