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Special Event: «The Journey to Europa: Exploration of a Potentially Habitable World» by Dr. David Senske

Описание мероприятия

Dr. Senske will speak about the Europa Mission and NASA’s exploration of the solar shystem.
* * Russian interpretation will be provided. * * 
NOTE: Due to an expected large crowd, this event will take place in the Consular (U.S. Visa Unit) Hall. 
Dr. David Senske is the Deputy Project Scientist for the Europa Mission, the Deputy Project Scientist for the NASA Mars Odyssey Mission, and a science researcher at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory.  Dr. Senske received his undergraduate degree in Geosciences from the University of Arizona and his Masters degree and PhD. concentrating in planetary geosciences from Brown University.  In addition to his work associated with Europa, he has worked on various NASA space missions including Magellan (to Venus), Galileo (to Jupiter), Mars Polar Lander, Mars Odyssey, and the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter.  He has authored numerous science publications and conducts research in the areas of Venus rifting volcanism and the geology of the Jovian satellites.
The talk will be of particular interest for students/science experts/general public studying science, in particular planetary science, and those interested in NASA missions and space exploration. The event can be publicized on the embassy





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