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Workshop: Using Acting to Improve Public Speaking Skills

Описание мероприятия

Good public speaking skills are important in other areas of your life, as well. You might be asked to make a speech at a friend's wedding, give a eulogy for a loved one, or inspire a group of volunteers at a charity event. 

In short, being a good public speaker can enhance your reputation, boost your selfconfidence, and open up countless opportunities.

Welcome to the American Center on Friday, February 19th at 6 p.m. for a monthly meeting with Tatiana Savosinathe Director of the MIDAS (Moscow Interactive Drama Art Studio) theatre! This time you will learn how acting can help better communicate yourself!






Москва, Американский Центр в Посольстве США, Новинский бульвар, 21


Американский центр в Москве

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Я твой личный помощник и я помогу тебе узнать о подходящих для тебя возможностях Американского Центра. Во вторник (6 декабря) у нас состоится "AMC Online | Activate Your English: Advanced-Level English Speaking Club for English Teachers". Ты хочешь пойти?