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We’re currently looking for volunteers to curate and host events for our virtual platform.

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Share what you know with our community and help us further our mission to promote meaningful exchange and understanding between the people of the United States and the Russian Federation. Our community is excited to learn from YOU!

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We're currently seeking programs in:

We welcome any program ideas on topics related to STEAM, including space exploration, modern technologies, the arts, and programming. Past programs have included workshops on coding skills for kids, how to build a robot with LEGOs, a lecture series on American architecture, and a youth dialogue on climate change. See more examples here.


  • Workshops on Design Thinking and  Innovative Problem Solving
  • Series on Decision Making
  • Advanced Academic English: UN Global Goals
  • Lecture series on Introduction to American Abstract Art
  • Lecture series on Indigenous decorative and applied art

Programs that fall under the cultural diversity category can be about American and Russian customs and traditions, dress, theater, music, dance, cinema, literature, comics, poetry, cuisine, holidays, rituals, and more. These programs highlight the rich culture of the United States and Russia (both modern and historical). Past programs have included a Movie Club, a swing dance masterclass, and a poetry club. See more examples here.


  • Swing Dance Masterclass 
  • Poetry Club
  • Short Story Reading Club
  • Movie Club
  • American Dramedy Club
  • Documentary screenings and discussions
  • Last Week in America
  • Books versus Movie Adaptations: Discussion Club

These programs focus on maintaining or improving the participant’s level of English or specific skills (i.e., writing, listening, speaking). They can also focus on English as a language (e.g., the history of the English language). Past programs have included a lecture series about American accents, an English conversation club, a board game club, and a creative writing club. These can be programs for learners or teachers of English. See more examples here.


  • English lessons for different levels (beginners to advanced)
  • English Speaking Club: Feel Like Talking
  • Debate Club for Teenagers
  • Children’s Club
  • Flash Fiction
  • Books versus Movie Adaptations: Discussion Club
  • Book Club
  • Advanced Academic English: UN Global Goals

We have many people in our audience who are interested in studying in the U.S., so programs about the U.S. university system and exam prep are always popular. Past programs have included SAT / TOEFL / GMAT prep classes, discussions about the university system in the U.S.,  and a lecture on what you need to know before going to study in the U.S.

Programs focused on promoting a healthy lifestyle—diet and nutrition, healthy habits, etc. Past programs have encompassed yoga instruction, a runner’s club, how to be a better listener/human being, and daily meditations.

These programs help people understand how to start a business, scale up a business, and succeed as a professional and an entrepreneur. Past programs have included how to write a business plan, a business English speaking club, and a discussion of start-ups vs. traditional businesses.


  • Course on how to write a business plan
  • Startups vs Traditional Businesses
  • Space startups in the US
  • Business English Speaking Club

What would you like to teach our community? We’d love to hear your ideas!

All programs can be conducted in either Russian or English.

Testimonials from Volunteers:

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