American Art and Culture

Americans have a culture that values art to tell its stories, start significant conversations, and (most of all) to entertain.

The U.S. is a bastion of art and culture that boasts a whopping 35,000+ museums nationwide ranging from ancient history to modern art, the Masters to the experimental, and everything in between. And the art isn’t just in the dedicated museums. It’s everywhere you look. Street art, whether it’s a commissioned mural or a poster slapped up under cover of darkness, is a prized form of public art and expression. 

Theater is also a valued form of expression in American culture, not just as entertainment, but as a form of socio-political dialog. Every major metropolitan area in the U.S. and even most smaller cities have some form of professional or community theater. New York City’s famous Broadway Theatre District encompasses more than 41 theaters in its five block radius.

And cinema. Many states boast a film board whose task it is to entice filmmakers to produce their projects outside of Hollywood. Many bring their productions to other states, but the epicenter of American filmmaking is still in sunny Southern California. 

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