Visiting the USA

Fifty states divided into seven regions, all with a unique personality. Which one will you visit first?

The United States consists of 48 contiguous (i.e., connected) states and two separate states, Hawaii and Alaska. To give you an idea of its size, excluding Hawaii and Alaska, about two United States-es would fit into Russia! From the Northwest corner of the state of Washington to the tip of Florida, the distance is equal to the distance between Moscow and Yakutsk.

The US is divided in seven regions, each of which has a specific geography, climate, and personality. To experience them all in one trip would require multiple flights, a rental car, and many weeks.

Here’s our best advice:

If you’d like to visit the U.S., decide what kind of experience you’d like to have—a beach vacation? A tour of the country’s world-class history museums? An exploration of its amazing national parks? A few days at DisneyWorld? Would you like to go to Mardi Gras in New Orleans? Times Square/Broadway in NYC? See the mighty redwood trees in California? Let your interests help you plan your visit and then go from there. Check out the resources on this page to get all the info you’ll need to have an amazing time in the U.S!

50 (Nifty!) United States

American schoolchildren are often taught to sing a song called “50 Nifty United States,” which helps them learn the names of all the states (in alphabetical order). Discover America state-by-state in this series of presentations, each prepared by an American who was born and/or raised in the state. Our ongoing series will help you learn about the rich and diverse landscapes, cultures, history, landmarks, events, and people that make each state unique. 

Learn More About the U.S.

USA Welcome

A comprehensive source of info about different regions of the U.S., travel tips, etc.

National Park Service

America is proud of its national parks and there are many incredible protected areas to explore. Start your exploration on the National Park Service website where you can search parks by state, discover things to do in each park, and even plan your visit. 

The Hidden Worlds of the National Parks

Experience the national parks in 360°, explore the legacies that shaped America, get to know eminent Americans, learn about indigenous American cultures, and much more!

The Atlas Obscura Guide to United States

If you like hidden treasures, bookmark this site and discover over 9,000 cool and unusual things to do in the United States.

U.S. States and Territories (for kids)

Young learners can discover interesting facts about each state, as well as learn about its history, geography, wildlife, and natural resources. Kids will love watching videos of “Barry the Bald Eagle” as he tours each state with his local animal friends.  

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