American Society

The diversity of the United States demands a constant eye toward inclusion. Shared values helps.

Due to its initial reputation as a safe harbor for immigrants from all over the world, America has often been called “the great melting pot.” So much of who and what America is comes from and through the influence of so many different cultures coming together. The melding of cultures is seen most prominently in the arts and through its cuisines. 

As their country was founded by those looking for freedom and opportunity, Americans share many values. 

Americans value ideas and the hard work it takes to form them and bring them into the world. Entrepreneurs and inventors in the U.S. reap the benefits of their hard work through a fair market system that puts them on equal footing with their competitors.

Americans value community and the importance of lending a helping hand to a neighbor or spearheading an event that brings people together.

Americans value celebrations, whether they’re full of meaning or just-for-fun. In addition to its traditional holidays—Easter, the Fourth of July (also known as “Independence Day”), Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Hanukkah—the U.S. celebrates a plethora of other holidays including Valentine’s Day, Halloween, and more, each one occupying a special place in the country’s collective heart.

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